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What is Operation Jaque?

It was the single biggest blow so far to the Colombian Narco terrorist group called FARC (Spanish letters for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia).

Book: "Out of Captivity" by Keith Stannsen, Thomas Howe, Mark Consalves. 5 years 5 months Kidnapped and Tortured

Book: "Out of Captivity" by Keith Stannsen, Thomas Howe, Mark Consalves. 5 years 5 months Kidnapped and Tortured

Book by Keith Stannsen, Thomas Howe, Mark Consalves remember the horrendous situation they were placed in for 1967 days (yes, 5 and 5 months) when their plane was shot down in the Colombian Jungles.  The book depicts the inhuman treatment that they and other hostages received during 5 years 5 months (1967 days). Kidnappings are comnon place in Colombia and the fact that the three Americans were intelligence contractors to the Colombian Government made them much more valuable to the "Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia" (FARC).


Michael Douglas may Play President Uribe's Role in Operation Jaque Movie

Michael Douglas is Alvaro Uribe President of Colombia in Operation Jaque Movie

There are rumors of Michael Douglas playing the role of President of Colombia Uribe in a movie about Operation Jaque.  He attended at least one of Uribe's meetings during his visit to the United States this week.  In an interview by Radio Caracol, Douglas spoke of his interest on listening to Alavaro Uribe and his admiration for the charismatic Colombian President.

American FARC Hostages meet Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

American freed hostages meet with President Uribe and talk about Operation Jaque:

Marc Goncalves: "The FARC terrorist organization are on their final days, they are on the run, they are trying to hide, and their struggle is nothing more than an struggle to survive; it is my prayer that the government of the United States will continue to support Colombia and their fight against terrorism until all of our hostages are free, until the FARC can no longer exist.

Colombia's true freedom fighters are not cowardly hiding in the jungle, they are present here, they are honorable and they have saved 15 innocent people from the claws, from the clutches of evil"

Thomas Howes: "No a shot fired, two terrorists captured, 15 kidnap victims released, no negotiation with terrorists.  My thanks go to Colombia, the Colombian Government, the Colombian Military and all those who helped to make the rescue a success."

Associated Press Video

FARC Citadel where Operation Jaque Hostages Might have been Kept (at Guaviare and Vichada)

This video in Spanish shows the small city where Alias Gafas and Cesar, the Hostage Jailers are believed to have kept the a large group of kidnapped people for years. 

Ingrid Betancourt invites Rebels from the Terrorist Group FARC to Demobilize and Incorporate Into Society

In this Video Ingrid Betancourt invites the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) to demobilize (term used by the Colombian Government to the act of a Rebel returning to society and giving up a live of violence; guerrillas are paid to return). She was held for over 6 years by this terrorist group and was their highest profile hostage until the Colombian Army liberated her and other 14 hostages.  Many of the 8,000 FARC militants are actually hostage to their organization and can not "demobilize" because their lives and those of their loved ones would be put in jeopardy since the FARC organization punishes desertion with death.

A punch for six years of inhumane treatment, not much of a Revenge (Operation Jaque Punched Eye)

A punch for six years of inhumane treatment, not much of a Revenge (Operation Jaque Punched Eye)

Keith Stansell (left) who was held hostage for six (6) Years under inhumane conditions in a remote jungle of Colombia by a Terrorist group named FARC (Spanish intials for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) was freed on July 2,2008 in a very successful rescue operation (Operation Jaque).  The inhumane conditions in which Mr.

Operation Jaque not Perfect after all; an officer wore a cloth with the Red Cross symbol

It was revealed to CNN by a person calling him/herself a Colombian military that one of the commandos in the Operation Jaque put a Red Cross scarf on one of his arms.  The Colombian government later, made a diligent investigation that found that one of the soldiers that carried the rescue mission carried this scarf, and put it on his arm by his own initiative, and in contrary to the plan.  It is claimed that this military did this out of "nervousness" and put it on right before the helicopter landed in the FARC coca field where the guerrilla rebels were waiting for them with the 1

Reaction from Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa: Operation Jaque was "good luck"

Rafael Correa in an interview following Operation Jaque

The success of the military rescue operation of Ingrid Betancourt and other 14 hostages was more of "good luck than a good decision" said Rafael Correa in an interview published on Monday, July 14, 2008 (Spanish) in the "El Telegrafo", an Ecuadorian newspaper.

Chains and Locks used by FARC Bosses to Keep Hostages Captive for Years

Chains and Locks used by FARC Bosses to Keep Hostages Captive for Years

The Colombian Military Commandos that rescued the hostages were amazed to find out that the bags carried by the FARC bosses (Alias Cesar and Gafas) into the Helicopter actually contained the chains to keep the hostages chained to trees or to each other.  The hostages endured this humiliating and inhumane treatment for years; it included carrying the chains and locks while being transported from a jungle camp to another and occasionally to a cocaine laboratory.  The fact that these criminals carried the chains and locks into the Helicopter is an indication that the FARC bosses didn